Tadeas Jun

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World designer, writer, and software engineer.

Fantasy worlds, non-fiction articles, Android apps, Discord bots, oh my...

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What I can offer

I can offer you professional world design for any story, comic, or game. I specialize in fantasy worldbuilding, but I have experience with soft sci‑fi worlds as well. Besides creating a world from scratch to your liking, I also have experience with world design consultations and continuing an existing worldbuilding project.

I can offer you my writing skills in the areas of niche blog writing, academic writing, and technical writing. I have university education in the English language and I have been writing informational articles about worldbuilding, writing, and coding on my blog since 2019. I can also serve as a proofreader and a style checker (I have experience with the MLA and APA formats).

I can offer you software engineering of Android applications, Discord bots, and websites (both static and dynamic). I've been interested in coding for a decade, and I've been working part-time as a programmer for over a year; I've also worked as a freelance coder for the past 3 years. Through my industry experience, I can guarantee that the code I deliver will be readable, functional, and effective.


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An illustration of several floating crystals, representative of the magic on the Eledris fantasy world.


Eledris is my personal worldbuilding project. It's a grimdark fantasy setting whose inhabitants need to fight for their survival as the planet is under siege by the demonic hordes. When writing worldbuilding articles, I always showcase a part of Eledris to give worldbuilders some inspiration. Working on Eledris ignited my passion for worldbuilding, which I channel into my freelance world design projects.

An illustration of a mobile phone with the Art Prompts logo on its screen on top of a blank page of paper with a pencil.

Art Prompts

Art Prompts is one of my largest personal projects - it's a series of applications made to inspire artists to draw every day. The project includes an Android app (50k+ downloads), a web application (and its website), a Discord bot (7k+ servers), and more.

An illustration of a diseased rat.

On Worldbuilding and Plagues

On Worldbuilding and Plagues is a 2.3k word article I wrote for my worldbuilding blog, Eledris. The article details how pandemics form, what impact they have on societies, and provides some useful examples of real-world plagues for wordbuilders.

The logo of the Palettey bot, a pink color palette icon, on a grey image.


Palettey is a Discord bot for generating color palettes based on an input color. It implements multiple palette-generating algorithms. The bot is coded in PHP and the DiscordPHP library.

An illustration of a man reading a book in an armchair.

The Eledris Blog

The Eledris Blog is a resource dedicated to worldbuilders. I started the blog back in 2019, and since then, I've been writing articles for it whenever I have a bit of time to spare. To date, I've written over 50 articles, and the blog is visited by around 100 people a day.

An illustration of a whale-shaped spaceship.


Forsakenland is a work-in-progress grimdark sci‑fi game inspired by the world of Warhammer 40k. On this project, I work as the lead freelance world designer, creating the setting of Gylesian‑3C, a desert planet. I've created about 25 pages of notes so far; a sample can be seen by clicking the button below.

An illustration of a dictator's hat, a monarch's crown, and an elected leader's crown.

Freelance World Design

I've been a part of many world design projects as a freelance consultant. Some of these projects included creating original magic systems, history, and geography.

An illustration of a mobile phone with the Jots logo on its screen, next to a keyboard.


Jots is an open-source minimalistic notes app for Android, which I made in 2021. The app features a minimal UI, which can be personalized via the Themes in the Theme Store of the app.

An illustration of Wumpus, the Discord mascot, watering some plants.


Wumpi (n. plural of Wumpus) is a series of open-source Discord bots that I'm releasing on my GitHub profile. They enable users to easily set up their own simple utility bots for simple tasks such as welcoming new members, rolling DnD dice, and post cute ASCII art.

An illustration of a closet full of fantasy clothing and weapons.


Starfall was a Czech blog dedicated to user-friendly guides and news articles around the game World of Warcraft. While the blog unfortunately doesn't run anymore, it served as a valuable experince in writing about video games.

An illustration of a man, sitting in a chair, looking at three computer screens.


czech-keywords is a keyword extraction tool written in Perl. It runs using a custom-modified formula based on the tfidf algorithm. The entire source code, as well as documentation in both English and Czech can be found on GitHub.

An illustration of a rainbow pride flag.

Pride Flags & Gradients

Pride Flags & Gradients is a queer-themed plugin for the design software Figma. It allows users to input various pride flags and pride-themed CSS gradients into their designs. The plugin is coded in TypeScript using React.

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Coming Soon

I'm constantly working on new personal and professional projects! Check back on this site later, or contact me below if you'd like me to be a part of your project as well.

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What people say about me and my projects.

[Tadeas] was awesome in every aspect of our project. Very knowledgeable and gave numerous ideas. We’re already pursuing another project with him. Definitely would recommend to others!

This app is truly one of the best art prompt apps out there, it has unique ideas and phrases that really can make you feel inspired!

If you've worked with me and would like to leave a testimonial, please reach out to tadeas@jun.com

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Let's chat! I offer freelance world design, academic and other non-fiction writing, coding Android apps, Discord bots, NodeJS projects, and more. You can reach me over email at contact@tadeasjun.com or on Discord at @tadeasjun. If you want to learn more about me before reaching out, check out my CV. I also hang out on social media; you can click the links below to reach me there.